Winds of The Spirit

With everything that’s happening now in the world it appears the times we’re living in are becoming more and more hopeless. The problems are all over the news, the topic on the tips of everyone’s tongues, the headlining discussion at most public events, on the television, and in the hearts and minds of the people. So I asked God what can we as a body of people do to change this? With most of the world being hurt, angry, and afraid how can they believe that YOUR LOVE DOES CONQUER ALL, and that if we just spread a little more of that each day rather than fear and hate, things CAN turn around for our GOOD?  Everyone has there own way, but I believe the ONLY WAY is CHRIST, which is the word LOVE manifested into flesh. The miracles performed in his lifetime and on the cross of calvary changed the way we exist today, and gives us a promise for a hopeful future. My aim in life is to let the winds of the Holy Spirit lead me and not the fear of this world. I want to spend the rest of my life uniting with my brothers and sisters praying with/for one another and loving the human race back to life!

Having this Blog has placed me one step closer to achieving that dream. I’ve met so many people and companies along this journey that make it possible for this “Love Train” to stay in motion. lol!  I’ve recently collaborated with a company called  THE MINT JULEP they created their online shop in 2012 and since then it has taken the world by storm, and with a mission of   “We had an idea that would solve a problem, be fun, be social, and, when it boils down to it, make people happy.”  how can they not succeed!!!!!!? Spreading love and being FABULOUS while doing it is what I’m alllllllllll about! 

The look I chose from their collection is the “Make it Mine Jumpsuit” because you all know that I was created to wear jumpsuits lol, paired with a vintage sleeveless jacket, and double necklaces.  Check it out below and go shop the look RIGHT NOW, you won’t regret it!

Photos by: @thegenuineminimalist

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