White Out, No Need for Correction!

What is WHITE without a wrong, what are words without a song, what are you without a me, what makes two turn into company and why does three make me believe, while my two eyes won’t allow me to see.  I hope for better while this world says “girl please, what you get is what you see”, but I find that hard to believe, because…. I AM FREE!  Free to follow my Father’s vision, free to hear while other’s aren’t listening, freely exempt from famine and plague free to tell others what foundation was laid on that Glorious day, I am White, it has no wrong, its melodic with no song, white is the reflection of what we aim to be, so in a nutshell white is you, and white is me!

OUTFIT: My JUMPSUIT is one of those rare vintage finds at my new favorite vintage store in Brooklyn (sshhhh its a secret)!  SANDALS: Target, NECKLACE: MMN (   Let me say that this necklace is so feminine and so me, and it has inspired me to buy more pieces to add to my collection, (Click on the link above and check out their chic collection of jewelry!!!) BACKPACK: Pink: Victoria Secret, SUNNIES: NYC Vendor.

PHOTO CREDITS: Roberto Johnson @itsrobertojohnson;

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