The Others, Which One Are You?

Anyone who knows me knows that progression in life is one thing that I thrive on, minister to others, minister to myself, talk about on social media and try to practice daily.  Some days are better than others (lol) but for the most part I try to apply what I learn to my daily life.  Since the beginning of the year the Lord taught me about the value of time (DARE TO DREAM) and how our utilization of it will determine our output.  If you follow my blog or any of my social media you’ll see that I’m an entrepreneur, not because I’m so fancy, but simply because I have a dream in my heart that HAS to be fulfilled, to be honest with you I believe that everyone has the potential in life to be great and achieve something we just have to start somewhere.  I recently attended an event called The Other Festival .

Its a festival that housed a plethora of successful women from around the world under one roof, answering questions about their genres and industries. From Fashion, Food, Music, Technology, Beauty, Advertising, and Publishing there was something for everyone!  Although the women all experienced different successes and failures in their entrepreneurial endeavours there was a common thread that was mentioned by them all, which I’ve bottled and call the              
“Keys to Beginning a Successful Company”
1. Write the vision down (Habakkuk 2:2-3)
2.  Write down what you are capable of doing based on talents, understanding and know-how.
3.Find a place to begin
4. BEGIN!!!
5.See the vision through, Give it time to grow and mature.
What I left with that day reignited a fight in my soul like no other, I’m one step closer to my dreams, YOU ARE ONE STEP CLOSER TOO.  I trust and know that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

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