My Purposeful Fashion

My journey with fashion has been a peculiar one, I can even say that it saved my life.  I know that you’re probably thinking how did something as small as “fashion” save your life?  I came to the understanding that the knowledge that I had acquired from studyig about mental health was not enough to get me into the fashion industry and because of that I had to rely more on the knowledge of God and not my own, and in me leaning on God it gave me a PURPOSE.  I feel the most tragic thing in the world is going through each day without having a reason to live, and without knowing your purpose. Too many people live their lives like this, not knowing that God has given them so much to live for. I don’t know about you but the days of God’s children walking around like zombies needs to END and we have to know our success is just a decision away. The day I decided to become a fashion designer was the day that my family thought I was crazy, my mother thought I was going through a phase and it would soon pass, and my friends didn’t care either way.  Despite all the comments and outside judgement that came I realized that was the day I started living .  My ignorance toward how to get there caused me to really connect myself to my local church and to follow Christ, because one thing I’ve known since my youth is that the only connection that I will ever need is Christ, and from there the other doors will be opened! I gained the confidence and self assurance that I needed to keep me believing in myself and my brand by reading my bible and holding on to the promises written for me.  The beautiful thing about my journey is that it can be the same for you too, if you have a dream in your heart and you don’t know where to begin to get it off the ground  just start with reading the Holy Bible because inside those thin pages holds the key to dream curating and reality!

The look that I’ve put together is from the C.Adeola Spring Summer 2018 Collection “The Arrival”. I paired it with my Berkshire Fishnet stockings, athletic tube socks, and Reebok Sneakers.  The Bershire stockings pulled the whole look together I’ve never met a pair from them that I did not LOVE!!! Click the link to get your own!










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