Me, Nature and Jord!

     As I get older one thing that I’m starting to realize more and more is how much I love being outdoors, sitting in a nice breeze feeling the fresh air run through my hair strands and just taking time to relax and think about things has become really important to me.

Taking time to think is something that most people of influence in this world do, inventors, business owners, writers, teachers, have all made a point to take time out of their schedules daily to just sit and think about their next steps, and so I have officially placed myself in the ranks of those greats. One thing I’ve learned with my faith is that the only way it will work is if I take time to meditate on what I’m learning in the Bible, and when you think about it meditation is just the fancy term for “thinking for a period time”,  and anything that you ponder on will eventually consume your mind, so that’s why it’s important that we let the good things of Christ consume our minds and not the negativity of this world.  I often tell the ladies that I do Bible studies with, “that being in nature whether it’s trees, fields of grass, or the ocean it is one way to truly connect with God and hear what he has to say to you”. I personally have received some of my best ideas from sitting at a park or by a large body of water, something about sitting in creation really brings a peace to your mind which enables us to think more clearly.

     Time is such a valuable and powerful tool, and as humans we often don’t use it well, but I’m learning more and more to not beat myself up about how I spend my time but just to do something progressive with it daily. One thing that I never did before was wear a watch, it was something that I felt I didn’t need because I have a cell phone, but eventually my cell phone became a major distraction and it was hard to keep it out of my hands because I constantly needed  to check the time. So that’s why I am thrilled about this collaboration with Jord watch company, so now I have the time on my wrist and the distractions out of my hand. They’re custom-made wood watches are the epitome of utility and class which makes them functional and stylish. The watch I’m wearing in this photo is the Frankie Ebony & Gold its a mens watch but I made it chic!
Go to the website today and sign up to enter my contest to win a gift code worth $100 or $25 dollars for your very own Jord watch, and as you begin to meditate this week on the things of Christ you won’t lose track of time.
   So I challenge you to try it this week, take some time out of your schedule and just go to the park, go sit by the water and just think good thoughts, prophetic thoughts, progressive thoughts, and I promise you it will change your entire perspective on yourself, your career, and life! Be Blessed!!
 Photos: William Massaquoi
 *post sponsored by @jordwatches

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