Ears to Hear and Believe

Having Ears to Hear is an important skill to develop because what we listen to and how it filters through us is just as important as the physical things that we put into our bodies, like food and liquids. Our bodies take what we put in it and uses it for fuel to live daily.  I’ve been pondering on this a lot lately because my speech and the thoughts in my head have not been matching up exactly,  don’t get me wrong I am a woman of faith and it’s not because I don’t want them to align….I believe it’s because I had been listening to the wrong kind of thoughts for so long that they tried to replace the truth of who I am, which God placed inside of me. It’s the fuel that my body was using to operate daily, and since all that I was feeding it was negative junk it reproduced that same “junk” into my life.  You might be thinking, “how is that possible?”  “You’re smart and you believe in God, by now you should know how to overcome negative thoughts”.  Trust me I’ve told myself the same thing, but one thing I’m realizing is that Faith doesn’t exempt you from adversity, it’s the weapon that you use to WIN the battle over it.   The bible has taught me that every thought that pops into my head is NOT my thought, and I must discern what is verses what’s a thought of darkness.

So how do you overcome negative thoughts?!??

  1. Replace them with thoughts that can produce life, that if spoken to something in its infant stage, the very beginning of its life, can actually help it develop and grow.
  2. Let the books you read, the music you listen to, the conversations that you have daily reflect positivity and the heart of Christ.
  3. Let the company that you keep also be about the agenda of “Speaking Life”.
  4. Let your actions match the words that leave your lips, no matter how hard it seems.
  5. Don’t let someone else’s reflection of themselves cause you to doubt who you are and are striving to be.
  6.  You should only be listening to the voice of God, his voice produces POWER and STRENGTH, NOT DEFEAT!!

I recently teamed up with a company called  Dolce by Mojo Moxy@dolcebymojomoxyshoes  and Mojo Moxy, @mojomoxyshoes

They are an amazing shoe company that sells quality shoes made of natural materials for such affordable prices. The one thing that sold me on this company was that right before I decided to collaborate with them my roommate and I were looking for quality stylish  shoes in my size (U.S. size 11) at a few different stores, and we came up with NOTHING. It still perplexes me till this day when I cant find nice shoes in my size. Its almost like companies think that girls with larger feet don’t like nice shoes, Lol!!! Anyway it wasn’t until now that I’m realizing that right after being disappointed I declared that I was going to get free shoes from somewhere that did not hurt my feet or cause foot problems, and then this company came along… about the power of my confession and aligning my thoughts with what I say! This was the proof that I needed to believe God, and he could have used any example to illustrate his point, I’m glad he used this one!!!! Check out the full look below!

Jumpsuit: Vintage Thrift        Socks: Berkshire        Shoes: Mojo Moxy (Montauk Navy Suede)









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