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Comeback is described as, a return by a well-known person, especially an entertainer or sports player, to the activity in which they have formerly been successful.  Everyone loves a good comeback story especially when it involves a person whom they admire or look up to, but how would you feel if the main character in this comeback story is you?!  Personally I’m in agreement with the dictionary’s version of the word because when you think about it we are all well-known people and we should view and esteem ourselves in a higher regard.

You might be asking yourself what does she mean by comeback how do I “comeback” and what does that mean exactly?  Well in this season the term comeback describes us as OVERCOMERS WHO ARE FULFILLED through Christ, persons who have been given a second chance to step  out on faith to believe in themselves and follow after a dream that was dormant before. The comeback is for those who have seen the bottom of life, the worst of the worst, and want to go beyond that to achieve something greater in life, not looking for validation from people to determine how far they will progress.  One thing that I understand now more than ever is that worry never placed me or anyone else in a good situation, it does not add years to lives, make us more intelligent, or beautiful if anything it keeps us at a standstill. One of the things that God has offered us to help guide us is our perspective. The way we perceive can change any situation whether its for bad or good, we need a good perspective to obtain our comeback and also keep it.  In this season we have to understand that the only way to go from here is up, and that there is a time for everything and no situation is permanent. So don’t let this life end and you still have questions concerning how you lived, used your time and resources.

So I’m challenging you all to do something different concerning your comeback realize that EVERYTHING great started off small and with consistency and dedication it grew to feed and provide for many.  So ask yourself today are you WILLING TO BELIEVE, do you want your life to change, if so then believe that this is your season and the opportunity to start your dreams all over again is RIGHT NOW, but the only difference this time is that you have a clean slate and have way more knowledge and resources than before so that means you have the upper-hand and are guaranteed to have COMPLETE AND TOTAL VICTORY

Check out how I styled my Berkshire tights below, I love the contrast between masculine and feminine, sportswear and couture. My knee high fish net socks in black from their latest collection pulled my whole look together, I couldn’t have asked for a better pair.  Click the link to get your own before they sell out.

Hoodie: Hvnbnd Apparel 

Gown: C.Adeola

Sneakers: Nike

Socks: Berkshire 







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