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Fashion Paradise Prophecy pt1

Since 2017 began I have been blessed to travel to some pretty extraordinary places for fashion, I’m still shocked at how it all happened, most of them I thought I would NEVER be able to visit…… but they always say if you want to make God laugh tell him your plans!  So my most recent trip was a business trip to the island of the Bahamas, Exuma to be exact. I was asked to showcase my SS/17 collection at their second annual Runway Exuma 2017 show.

I’ve been able to be a part of out of town fashion shows in the past and my experience with them was very limited mainly because I was only there to show my collection and not “vacation”  the sponsors  of the event will usually fly me in the day before the event then fly me out the following day after the event which left no room to explore.  So I came into this trip with the same mindset that I was there to work and not for pleasure I even packed based on that assumption, but unknowing to me God had other plans for me on this trip, and that was to simply ENJOY myself. Exuma is one of those destinations that is a well kept secret and I feel like everyone should take a trip there at some point in their lives, because it is so lovely!

Upon arriving we were welcomed by our airport transportation that took us to the Sandals Resort to have lunch, the view was breathtaking and the food was delicious.  After lunch we went to get settled in to our house, I unpacked my show garments to prep for our fitting, rested, then we all got dressed later on that evening to head to a welcome dinner for the models and the other desingners, the welcome dinner was entertaining and full of some epic performances!  The one thing that it lacked was enough food to feed everyone so I didnt really consider it a welcome dinner more like a welcome party. (LOL)

There was a very surreal moment where I was able to pray with the performers and in a sense remind myself why God set this whole trip up in the first place, it wasn’t just for the clothing, its because people need to hear about him, to know that they are loved, not alone and have the promise of eteral life and prosperity.

The mission that I have had since the beginning of time is that my company will be worldwide and able to reach billions of people and to use the gifts that God has given me to get there. The last few weeks The Lord has been telling the world to PROPHECY, to speak those things that we don’t see happening yet in our lives as if they are actually happening, and to have the faith to believe it.

In my quite time this week I was able to reflect and see that all of the things that I spoke over my company years ago are ACTUALLY happening, and this is just the beginning…… not just for me but also for you.  I challenge you my lovely readers to do the same, speak life into your dreams, into your family, into anything that isn’t working out for you and see the change you’ve been hoping for………..



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