My Fashion Week Journey Part II: Stella Nolasco

      The Stella Nolasco show was the perfect mix of  statuesque beauty combined with an eye for ethereal fabrication, spoon feed to all the fashion enthusiasts in the audience. An established womenswear designer from Puerto Rico, Stella Nolasco’s debut at New York fashion week was nothing but BEAUTIFUL. 
       I can only speak from my point of view when I say that Stella Nolasco’s debut had me in awe, from the beautiful goddess braids wrapped in a chignon, to the glass like sequin that appeared on gowns and blouses.  I appreciate that the collection varied from cocktail, evening, to trousers and ball gown skirts which caters to a range of ages.  
       Inspired by the saying “To each Saint, one candle…” Stella Nolasco plays with luxe fabrication woven into reflective metallic sequins that at a distance favored shattered glass, to   sheer delicate laces dyed in saturated hues of blues, salmon, grey, and mint.  The Fabrication wasn’t upstaged by the garment silhouettes so it was more appreciated!  Luxe Femininity is what I describe the collection to be, this might be Stella’s debut at New York fashion week, but she is by far NO ROOKIE!!! 

Their makeup look embodied a youthful effortlessness, the minimal face paired well with the ultra femininity of the garments, this is a definite go-to for next spring #donebutnotoverdone!!!

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    September 23, 2014 at 8:08 pm

    All I need now is this wardrobe and a place to wear it.

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