Fashion Week Review: Rubin+Chapelle

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a menswear look. Whether its downtown or uptown chic I LOVE them all.  The Rubin+Chapelle affect is all of those things combined, it took the biker/rain/snow boot and made it youthfully sophisticated; paired with chiffon dresses and tops covered in an abstract brush stroke print.  A few outerwear pieces hit the scene but were an added compliment to the soft silhouettes. The collection was all pulled together by the styling which was by far not overdone, it gave me the right dose of the Rubin+Chapelle affect that I needed.  I’m sure the girl who likes to be feminine but not fussy will appreciate this collection.
The hair and makeup look for the collection fit right in line with the aesthetic of the day.  It was minimal and they used some of my favorite products from Laura Mercier, which if you follow me you will know that I swear by their illuminating powder to top off any look day or night; add a perfectly smooth deep side parted ponytail and voila there you have it, Rubin+Chapelle.

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