Fashion Week Review: Ready-to-Fish


If I could describe this collection in two words it will have to be, “everyday minimal.”  It was so effortless, from the styling, to the fabric choice, to the color palette, it took me back to a time in  life where things made sense and were simple.  Back when putting on clothes didn’t really have a right or wrong way, a time where cool sneakers and colorful tights were ALWAYS in.  A time where being cool was a lifestyle inherited from your youth #thecoolkids!!


The Ready-to- Fish look as Benny Hancock describes, was based on a clean fresh out of the shower look that still yields a bit of structure which was shown through the contour of the jaw line, filler lines and brow gel were added to strengthen the brows, while the lashes were merged together to finish the eye look.  The lips were achieved with two colors, a nude liner filled in with a pink lipstick. The look is something that was so effortless looking that anyone can re-create it at home!

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