Fashion Week Review: New York Life


This show overall was one of the most entertaining shows I experienced during fashion week.  It was a compilation of designers that superceeded my expectation.  From the gowns to the coats, cocktail dresses and Avate Garde pieces there was never a dull moment.  One thing that I loved was the variety of models on the runway  it was such a refreshing thing to witness, seeing as how it’s not the norm on most runways.  There was something for every type of girl!


The New York Life beauty look was spring chic, it  embodied all things girly.  The hair was styled in a braided crown that framed the models faces with loose pieces that complimented the all apparent softness of the show.  I was rather impressed by the makeup because it was a neutral look that worked on all of the girls, the same warm tone shades carried a similar message of effortless chic through  out all the skin tones.  New York Life gets the awared for diversity!!!

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