Fall Favorites: The Micro Pedi by Emjoi

       With the summer ending and the colorful leaves of fall floating in the air, one can’t help but to acknowledge the season change, and with that being said I’m counting down to some of my favorite fashion and beauty products, which I’m calling “My Fall Favorites“. So first on the list is a product that most would consider a summer product but I’m deeming this GENIUS invention as a year round necessity for men and women worldwide, it’s called the Micro Pedi. by Emjoi  The Micro Pedi is a simple tool that revolutionized at home spa treatments by taking a pumice stone and the vigorousness of a salon grade foot scrubbing and combined them for easy at home use, and when I say it’s easy, that’s exactly what it is! I believe in year round care for our feet, because in the summer time we want to show off our well groomed pedicures in open toe sandals and in the winter time we want callous free feet that can fit into the latest boot trends without the hassle of pain while walking.
      What enticed me to try out the Micro Pedi was the fact that I had a huge very painful callous on the bottom of my foot from overuse of them, walking the New York city streets as well as exercising 3 times a week. It was definitely something that I’m my eyes needed to be cut off at the salon, but upon receiving the Micro Pedi I decided to give it a try, and 10 minutes later the callous was completely gone!!! I was so SHOCKED, on how user friendly it was and how gentle it felt, seeing as how most of these types of products don’t really work, but this one did. All I did was turn it on and place it on my skin.  So if you are looking for an at home DIY product to try out this fall, let the Micro Pedi be on your list, it saves money and time at the salon.
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