My Journey with Maria Halasz of Evolis

For decades women have viewed their hair as their most prized possession, and where our Glory lies.  Even men have joined in on the bandwagon preaching and proclaiming #naturalhair #allnaturalhair #noweave #itsallhers and so on. I’m all for natural hair and I’m all for the movement but let’s face it, some women just have no desire to wear their natural hair out due to problems like premature thinning hair lose, breakage and hair damage, whether it be around the temples of the head (known as the edges) the nape of the neck or the middle of the head (known as the crown). So what ends up happening is that women result to wearing wigs as well as weaves, extensions and braids, which can further temple and nape hair lose without proper care.  As for me I try to put the least amount of stress or tension on the edges of my hair to avoid any hair loss and over the years it has worked or at least I thought it did. One day I was scrolling through some photos on my phone when I realized that the edges of my hair looked thinner than they usually are, and at that moment I realized the very thing I’ve been trying to avoid with my hair had happened somewhere along the way, so from years of hairstyling it appeared as though some hair loss had occurred in the front, they’re weren’t as many hair strands as before.

In my natural hair journey I’ve learned a lot about Hair Care over the years and a product that works for my overall hair growth is Tropic Isles Living: Jamaican Black Castor Oil. It works for my general hair growth I’ve seen wonderful results, but as far as my front edges are concerned the results appeared to not be as successful, so I had to figure something out I just didn’t know where to turn and with so many products on the market that promise hair growth with no side effects and guaranteed satisfaction with no visual satisfaction I felt a bit hopeless. So with nowhere to turn I did the first thing that I know how to do, and if most of you follow my blog you’ll know that I believe in the impact and the power of prayer 100% of the time…. so that’s what I did I prayed about it and I asked God to help grow back my edges because it meant something to me, and one thing I’ve learned over the years is that the desires of my heart are something that God actually cares more about than I do, in fact he’s the one who placed them there. I had Faith to believe that he will bring me an answer or just grow them back for me super naturally!!!

In the month of March I met a wonderful public relations girl who introduced me to an amazing product called Evolis that was created by a woman named Maria Halasz. And like I said before I don’t believe in most of the hair growing products on the market especially when it comes to ethnic hair, but this wonderful woman melted away any skepticism I had with the product by sharing the Maria Halasz’s testimony with me. I learned that she was a business woman who had to speak in front of large groups of males on a consistent basis in the workplace, and her hair loss caused her to have major insecurities. Then one day she decided to take her frustration and channel it towards a solution.  Which began the birth of Evolis an amazing product genetically modified after the long-haired rabbits that run in the wild. She developed a product that can be used by all genders and ethnicities who’ve experienced hair loss over the years.  I began using the three formula product a few months back beginning with the shampoo and conditioner, which I used once a month followed by my daily use (twice daily) of the “Reverse Activator Drops”.  In the beginning I experienced irritation in the front of my head which I later realized was caused by the alcohol used in the product.  So I changed my application to once per day.  I charted my growth over the months via the photos below, overall I am happy with the growth I hoped for a bit more given the time span of my use, but overall I’m satisfied.

Click the link below to get your hands on the system for yourself you will not regret it! 


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    August 31, 2017 at 1:54 am

    Thank you for the knowledge of this product and your Journey. I’m excited and hope to try.

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