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     I have to admit, this season in my life is really different. It's not the situations that are different because I'm experien...

     I have to admit, this season in my life is really different. It's not the situations that are different because I'm experiencing some of the same ones,  it's my reaction towards them that's different. In the past I wouldn't want to be the best version of myself because I was afraid of "shining to brightly"  because the fear of people judging what I do, and the thought of me taking the attention away from someone else who was just as deserving would paralyze me. I was that person who just "wanted people to like me" so if it meant being a bit dull in comparison for what I thought was someone else's comfort, that's the route I chose. As I've matured I realized that I WASN'T DOING ANYONE A FAVOR, because we are human, our minds are programmed from birth to judge things, it's the way our minds try to comprehend and reason, now what we use those thoughts for after is based on morals. We as a human race need to be inspired, that's how we grow into the best version of ourselves and we gain inspiration from the example of others. God has called us all to be LIVING BREATHING TESTIMONIES, LIGHTS THAT SHINE BRIGHT FOR HIS GLORY, how can I expect to be that example and testimony if I bury the LIGHT THAT HE'S GIVEN ME with fear? It's a reasoning that the world tells us is right, but really IS NOT! 
       I know we hear it all the time, people professing the phrase "Be the Best You You Can Be" and as clichéd as it sounds it's TRUE, DON'T DIM YOUR LIGHT FOR ANYONE,  it's been given to you by CHRIST to display his glory on you, to win soul's for his kingdom, to help the hopeless and uplift and make beautiful a generation of people. If I am not the example and the difference that I want to see, then who will be? 
       That's why teaming up with Fresh Vibes Kicks is a blessing, when I was introduced to this company I thought WOW Psalm 119:105 in the flesh (Thy word is a lamp unto feet and a light unto my path). They are spreading the light of Christ with each step they take and that's who I want to be, so naturally I had to have them.  The shoes are normally worn by guys, so we decided to show you how to style them from a fashion girl's perspective in a three part series called "Fresh Vibes Fresh Kicks", and first up is the "GRADUATE" they light up in over 5 different colors and patterns and if you use my discount code on their website FVKBEAUTY you get an additional 25% off your purchase. Follow them on  Instagram @freshvibeskicks to see how they work and  to Join me in the movement to #LIGHTUPTHEWORLD!

     Photos: @thegenuineminimalist
     Top: @hieronymusofficial 
     Skirt: vintage
     Hat: @silkstaq
     Shoes: @freshvibeskicks

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  1. How cool are these sneakers! Girl kicks that light up - awesome! I love how you styled them to make them super feminine. You look amazing and I loved the positivity of this post! Xoxo

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